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"i saw myself, but it was a lie, they was lying

you think i don't know me, but i do.

listen, i know what my original wants to look like and i can't believe you tried to reverse cycle me into that person


you think i don't know about all the decades that they're hiding..

they must have slipped me some computer pills or some shit because i had


buy my rosetta stone."


土曜日, 9月 19, 2009

木曜日, 9月 17, 2009

jeeze somebody slap this sappy shit out of me.

trying to impress the wrong people gets you into big trouble with little china

strange lights last night

what else... oh yes, i have a question

how would you like your beets question mark

i wish i had a phonetic keyboard

i'm on the outside lookin in
just an alien thru n' thru
trying to make believe i'm you

out of all the things in the world you could be, you decided to be an ocean creature slippin' and sliding through waves of time

is it incoherent or incomprehensible? expression is a strange creature as well.. can i call it that? perhaps it is a natural human tendency to name the nameless

full frequency potential, hmmmmmmm.... it's kind of like sending energy beams out into the night, electricity, square1, ah yes, and blueberry waffles. so the bomb diggety om dot com.

over and out

月曜日, 9月 14, 2009

pushed up against the impossible safety of the wide ocean,
a smile reflecting billions of abysses lost in swirling dimensions

also, plan is in the works to blast frequencies back at the void from which i emerged, torn and ravaged

frequency light waves,
remind me to tell you about a strange experience i had the other day
journey of the wounded healer
bound in the sounds of life.

one thing i thought this morn was the time i was driving to san francisco with heather and the speedometer started fluctuating from 0 to 120 mph uncontrollably, no way to tell what speed we were going at. little sister, i should have stayed by your side

日曜日, 9月 06, 2009

how do i get from there to the here where i was at?

first contact


the rooms keep switching, but at least it wasn't an elevator dream

green bird in the forest, ancient

there's that sound again

月曜日, 8月 31, 2009


healing this broken heart

knowing that my dreams have always been mine

barcelona, berlin, athens, crete, istanbul, paris

oh the world..

perhaps in a few years i can be on a research expedition to the isles of sumatra to discover the orang pendek, sumatran bigfoot.

immediate surroundings:

h20 sprayer

watermelon oven cozy

toasted whole grain oats

jah rastafarai man with midget sized christmas hat

antique coffee grinder

waffle maker!

lost dog flyer

aztec time clock

only love can conquer fear and hatred, and all i got left is my love and it is so strong

i know this is cheesy, but you must understand that i am lactose intolerant.

and that is not a paradox.


土曜日, 7月 25, 2009

summary of istanbul

idle conversation with square as fuck high school teacher from L.A. at the rooftop bar of istanbul hostel, boooooooooooring. but! he said he went to see the janes addiction show and him and his friend were the only people there because all the turkish kids left after the opening bands played. wish i could see perry ferrel all washed up and rich playing jane says in turkey. totally missed out. our parting words:
me: "peace out bro"
him: "maybe i'll see you riding around on a fixie in L.A."
me: "probably not gonna happen."

*awkward silence that has never ceased to exist

ps. curious that a silence can exists at all, and what makes it awkward?

another thought:

grooving or grieving?

lots of ideas, and the putting of them into action is what is much needed. fluorescent neon levitating party boat, synthesizers, elevators,.. also had a vision of the stars and everything in communication with itself. simultaneity. also saw myself as a pirate on the seas while dreaming in the cave. the emotions involved were way more than i can put into words. bathed in white light, following the signs. drifted around the water, saw some rad multi-color fish in the rocks beneath the waves. the water was sooooo cold. then theosophilos asked about aliens. relately, or actually completely unrelatedly. i was dreaming and when i woke up my niece was saying she didn't want to have a bad dream. dream sequences, reality, what is that? good question. move on.. hot bitches getting my email. summary of istanbul later. might be decompressing things in a unconventional manner, but whatever!

MAMA africa

remind me to tell you about the "bromance". === best day everrrrrrrrr

the decline of western civilization
-recline? RE-CLINT, George

hard to sort things out in memory sometimes. crete was awesome. rethymno, the sammarian gorge, plakias, back to rethymno, phalasarna, the cave, the ocean, the mountains, the goats, the stars.

one thing i'll mention: i thought they were birds but they really were bugs.

金曜日, 7月 24, 2009

characters at the hostel

-drunk drunk drunk drunk australian perma-traveler wastoid, fucked up his foot riding a moped around crete, drinking up a storm
"what country am i in?"
"don't you just want to kick a girl right in the ass sometimes?"
other gems

abusive canadian boyfriend and girlfriend, both equally abusive towards each other, but i think they got off on it or something (hot)

awesome serbian youth hostel manager, called me michael jackson, best dude ever

buff as fuck super dykey cleaning lady, apparently ex pro handball player broke her wrist, sad times

-malaysian family that forced chocolate flakes into brads yoghurt

dionysus: creepy gypsy/brazilian/aidsy dude? would stand around awkwardly and then steal your cigarettes. pretty sure he got thrown out of the hostel for not paying for ten days, then he came back to they called the police and hauled him out of there. he had a strange look in his eye. the girls thought he was hot and/or completely fried on drugs. i caught him meditating one time. he was also a liar. also creeped everyone out except me maybe? maybe it's because i'm creepy? awkward? who knows. who cares. ::wavelengths

greek salad; tomato, cucumber, feta, olives, onion
chicken marinated in chamagne
grilled garlic eggplant
chicken sausages
raki (local alcohol)

adaptation, assimilation, ethnicity? maybe it's easier for me because i'm brown. being ambiguously ethnic is great.. but obviously messican flava' aint got no rival. BITCHEZZZZZZZZZZ

pre july 5th?

I think i wrote this after drinking too much champagne in the afternoon on the ferry on fourth of july. there was an old man puking all over himself from motion sickness and ladies and kids falling all over the boat from the rocking of the waves and whatnot. meanwhile we were practicing our sweet as fuck boat legs and making everyone totally jelz.

head hurts a little bit. boat is a-rocking out!
mumble jumble, "I know that i'm sad" I think it's ok to feel the way I feel. Generalities... Pain. Haven't felt that pain in my heart lately.
dilemma: dualities vs. more complex multi-faceted interpretations of reality.
------>mono-linear thinking


not sure where to begin

i'm back in berlin after a long epic voyage through time and space. i can't really think of anything profound and poetic to say as i've finally had two consecutive nights of proper sleep, but!!! i can quote some excerpts from my travel journal, which is really t cheesy that i've kept a travel journal but kind of awesome because i am gabo so it works out..""::

first of all...
ferry, to be exact.
The facts: sunny 18:34 hours, greek radio drifting around from the lady laying down next to me. We are heading south. Shit, I forgot my beer downstairs. euro techno? Swaying around. I have all these things going on in my head but when I sit down to write it always comes out so differently.

DOGS IN CAGES. old lady, talking to herself, with her dog. soccer game on the radio.

history is nuts, tourists are annoying (being one of them). the party scene in europe in general is really weird. last night we went to a club district called GIZA. It was fun. tried to get in to a gay bar but it was 9 euro so we were like fuck it.

the sun is setting. people are bitches everywhere. we got madcore bitched out by a lady on the tram in athens. after she bitched us out i said, ofaristo!! and she said ' paracallo!'. thank you and your welcome. sometimes i cry all over this big world. mutilated lips. octopods. cephalopods in general. p.s. we're getting kicked off the deck, I think, gotta run!


PP.S. 4th of July!
Independence, what does that mean?

火曜日, 7月 07, 2009


on a boat, in the motherfucking ocean, the sea to be precise, floating around.

i hiked the samarian (?) gorge today, saw some goats, jumped in the mediterranean, watched the sunset.

i want to live on a boat

火曜日, 6月 30, 2009

Berlin, day.... 6?

I've given up trying to do a pseudo-ethnomusicological investigation of my experience at the sonar festival. I just got a text message! Berlin is great.. today my plan is to try to get my phone working and go see the Mitte neighborhood and check out the museum of technology (!!!!!). I'm pretty sure they're gonna have some sick as fuck fax machines. There's a place here that's just like a 90s reggae skater movie called yaams. Also, i keep pissing off bikers by walking in the bike lane.

Nevertheless, I uploaded videos from sonar, check them out bitches!

YOUNG FATHERS - breakdown: awesome 80s break-hop beastie boys-esque rhyme flows PLUS hella coordinated retro-fractive dance moves. does that make sense? who cares, go download their music on itunes or some shit

i'm pretty sure i took this during BREAKBOT who was playing some hella sick ass fuck jams, the likes of which were rare in the ravey davey techno atmosphere of sonar. taking video of people taking video!!!!! dancing!!! etc etc..

i completely forget who was djing at the moment but this was at the night part of the festival. it was three or five HUGE rooms of massive wicked rave madness. we saw grace jones, animal collective, the dude from lcd soundsystem dj, and god knows what else. it was fucking amazing. oh yeah some crystal castles up in that jam. from the jungle of jumble of life that was the 3 days and nights of sonar... all i got was this awesome video!!

What else.. oh yeah, babies.

we're living the dream, or the dream is living it out in us
either way, it's awesome

i dont know what else this is supposed to be about... but whatever!

木曜日, 6月 25, 2009

More Sonar, Day 1, version 4

So, I could go on for hours on every picture, but that wouldn't be very interesting to read... pictures!:::



I didn't know much about this band before I saw them, but they were fucking amazing. What could be better than HELL'OF (I keep reffering to shit as hella, i guess that's the norcal coming out) afro-cuban rhythms with electrified thumb pianos.









I'm not sure if these pictures will do a good job of capturing the insane trance-inducing madcore rhythms of these talented afro-peoples. sidenote: "girl! you know i got a little jamaican in me" Umm..

Check them out. Wikipedia sayys:

"Konono N°1 is a musical group from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. They combine three electric likembé (a traditional instrument similar to the mbira) with voices, dancers, and percussion instruments that are made out of items salvaged from a junkyard. The group's amplification equipment is equally rudimentary, including a microphone carved out of wood fitted with a magnet from an automobile alternator and a gigantic horn-shaped amplifier. "


Electronic Music Festival vs. Gothic Architecture

Who wins???????

It was crazy seeing awesome djs and artists play in the Barcelonian backdrop. This is all coming from an American viewpoint that is usually totally disconnected from unavoidable architectural reminders such as... hell'uv old buildings!

Furthermore, Euro bald dude with expensive gizmos playing techno house boom bass:

Sonar Day 1, version 2, the jukeboxxxxxx

Ummmm... so. I was feeling kind of weird at one point and decided to wander into the modern art museum that the sonar day part of the festival was held at. After wandering through some depressing rooms of exhibits about repression and war and stuff I found this awesome arcade room / 80s italo disco culture mash of radness. This is where I found this apparatus that i can only describe in adjectives and noun-like utterances: super 80s flamenco gypsy italo disco neon push button psychedelic raver jukebox. It played weird disco hits that were totally mediteranean influenced awesomeness. I think it's probably still there at the MACBA. If you're ever in Barcelona definitely check it out.. if it's still there.. which i don't see why it wouldn't be.. because its fucking awwwwesome!!!! Ok enough with the redundancy.

SONAR day 1, version 1

In the blur of life that preceded my flight to Barcelona, I retrospectively had no idea what I was getting myself into. But that's ok! I'm in berlin now decompressing a bit from the 24hr barcelona party scene.

some say that dj's save lives, regarding the night before.. buuuut i sayyy that disco naps have gotten me through the madness.

First day in barcelona was hectic as hell: jet lagged, lost, etc.. on the plus side i met these rad australian kids that showed me the way to a cheap hotel room off the main way, did alot of urban hiking, met some classy gays that told me about how awesome barcelona is, most likely offended the british girl sitting next to me on the plane with my berkeley 30 hours no showering all naturally soaped armpit stank on the plane...... But! I made it.

I forget who this guy was he was doing some cheesy electro shit with a laptop or something, it was kinda boring. I think at this point I was like, I need to drink about this. Also this girl came up and asked me for a cigarette and I offered her some "ducatos" which she rejected after being all like, 'aw hells nah i don't smoke that nasty shit'. unrefined tobacco apparently does not fly with fly bitches in europe.

This guy was demo-ing what was most likely a midi interface dj tool that could cycle through a song loop and set off different triggers and stuff like that. It was one of those things that looked really cool the first time you see it then you're like wait this is probably a pain in the ass to use and costs hella money$$. I'm over it. But it was kind of cool... kind of.

水曜日, 6月 24, 2009

last night in Barçeloña

I think i´m doing a pretty good job of opening up my mind up to as much as possible and take everything in. Decompression and regurgitation will have to wait till later. I´ve got so many awesome ideas! I can make music about it, write about it, draw about it..

(lets make it ѨÇ^*:_^*^%( A DANCE.

I´ve been wearing the same pants for about a week and they smello like hell-o.

Apparently gang colors (purple and yellow i believe.. sidenote: lakerssss) get you fucked with on the metro. Good thing Sara´s got some faux'real L.A. survival techniques. I´ve been hearing that there are alot of pickpockets and thieves (ladrones) around but then i was like, wait!, i´ve lived in fucking oakland. This is like party paradise island compared to that. (why you reppin oakland if you live in berkeley Son??)

However, on the non-cool side Jordan´s backpack got stolen last night as we sat on beach rocks watching the fireworks go off all over the beach for the San Juan summer solstice festival.. purging the bad spirits of the year past.... bummmmmerrrr. it was like fourth of july!

When i get to berlin i´m going to upload pictures and write about sonar, barcelona, etc. as i´ll have more time to do that then.

sidenote: Babies!!!! (they are running around in this pseudo arabic internet cafe.. they are called locutorios here.)) ummm... anyways.. grammmmar.. punkchuation... check? yo´self?

no checkkin, wreckkin it up!
i´m gonna slam dance mess you up!

I´ve got some rad theories on pseudo cultural ethnomusicological case studies.. academicism vs. REAL WORLD REALITY FACING TROOF (truth)

more traveling today.. but not before picnic in the park and conversations with jordan and sara about california party jams, essential nutrients, how we probably look like dirty weirdo hippies to the eurotrashia.. yet get asked directions as if we were locals-.. haha

wellllll, more later.

love peace and chicken grease,

火曜日, 6月 23, 2009

Barcelona, 2009

The beach here is fucking amazing. The food here is pretty good and the drinks decently cheap. Rave culture in europe is weird. ¨¨we´re going to festival.. it´s gonna be wicked!

I think that nothing really could have prepared me for what I´m doing but that´s alright!

-survival mode
-party mode
-sleep deprived inanity
-getting lost
-sexual ambiguity

umm--dietary constrictions¡ççNONEXISTANT


i miss and love everyone, can´t lie