木曜日, 6月 25, 2009

SONAR day 1, version 1

In the blur of life that preceded my flight to Barcelona, I retrospectively had no idea what I was getting myself into. But that's ok! I'm in berlin now decompressing a bit from the 24hr barcelona party scene.

some say that dj's save lives, regarding the night before.. buuuut i sayyy that disco naps have gotten me through the madness.

First day in barcelona was hectic as hell: jet lagged, lost, etc.. on the plus side i met these rad australian kids that showed me the way to a cheap hotel room off the main way, did alot of urban hiking, met some classy gays that told me about how awesome barcelona is, most likely offended the british girl sitting next to me on the plane with my berkeley 30 hours no showering all naturally soaped armpit stank on the plane...... But! I made it.

I forget who this guy was he was doing some cheesy electro shit with a laptop or something, it was kinda boring. I think at this point I was like, I need to drink about this. Also this girl came up and asked me for a cigarette and I offered her some "ducatos" which she rejected after being all like, 'aw hells nah i don't smoke that nasty shit'. unrefined tobacco apparently does not fly with fly bitches in europe.

This guy was demo-ing what was most likely a midi interface dj tool that could cycle through a song loop and set off different triggers and stuff like that. It was one of those things that looked really cool the first time you see it then you're like wait this is probably a pain in the ass to use and costs hella money$$. I'm over it. But it was kind of cool... kind of.

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