土曜日, 7月 25, 2009

summary of istanbul

idle conversation with square as fuck high school teacher from L.A. at the rooftop bar of istanbul hostel, boooooooooooring. but! he said he went to see the janes addiction show and him and his friend were the only people there because all the turkish kids left after the opening bands played. wish i could see perry ferrel all washed up and rich playing jane says in turkey. totally missed out. our parting words:
me: "peace out bro"
him: "maybe i'll see you riding around on a fixie in L.A."
me: "probably not gonna happen."

*awkward silence that has never ceased to exist

ps. curious that a silence can exists at all, and what makes it awkward?

another thought:

grooving or grieving?

lots of ideas, and the putting of them into action is what is much needed. fluorescent neon levitating party boat, synthesizers, elevators,.. also had a vision of the stars and everything in communication with itself. simultaneity. also saw myself as a pirate on the seas while dreaming in the cave. the emotions involved were way more than i can put into words. bathed in white light, following the signs. drifted around the water, saw some rad multi-color fish in the rocks beneath the waves. the water was sooooo cold. then theosophilos asked about aliens. relately, or actually completely unrelatedly. i was dreaming and when i woke up my niece was saying she didn't want to have a bad dream. dream sequences, reality, what is that? good question. move on.. hot bitches getting my email. summary of istanbul later. might be decompressing things in a unconventional manner, but whatever!

MAMA africa

remind me to tell you about the "bromance". === best day everrrrrrrrr

the decline of western civilization
-recline? RE-CLINT, George

hard to sort things out in memory sometimes. crete was awesome. rethymno, the sammarian gorge, plakias, back to rethymno, phalasarna, the cave, the ocean, the mountains, the goats, the stars.

one thing i'll mention: i thought they were birds but they really were bugs.

金曜日, 7月 24, 2009

characters at the hostel

-drunk drunk drunk drunk australian perma-traveler wastoid, fucked up his foot riding a moped around crete, drinking up a storm
"what country am i in?"
"don't you just want to kick a girl right in the ass sometimes?"
other gems

abusive canadian boyfriend and girlfriend, both equally abusive towards each other, but i think they got off on it or something (hot)

awesome serbian youth hostel manager, called me michael jackson, best dude ever

buff as fuck super dykey cleaning lady, apparently ex pro handball player broke her wrist, sad times

-malaysian family that forced chocolate flakes into brads yoghurt

dionysus: creepy gypsy/brazilian/aidsy dude? would stand around awkwardly and then steal your cigarettes. pretty sure he got thrown out of the hostel for not paying for ten days, then he came back to they called the police and hauled him out of there. he had a strange look in his eye. the girls thought he was hot and/or completely fried on drugs. i caught him meditating one time. he was also a liar. also creeped everyone out except me maybe? maybe it's because i'm creepy? awkward? who knows. who cares. ::wavelengths

greek salad; tomato, cucumber, feta, olives, onion
chicken marinated in chamagne
grilled garlic eggplant
chicken sausages
raki (local alcohol)

adaptation, assimilation, ethnicity? maybe it's easier for me because i'm brown. being ambiguously ethnic is great.. but obviously messican flava' aint got no rival. BITCHEZZZZZZZZZZ

pre july 5th?

I think i wrote this after drinking too much champagne in the afternoon on the ferry on fourth of july. there was an old man puking all over himself from motion sickness and ladies and kids falling all over the boat from the rocking of the waves and whatnot. meanwhile we were practicing our sweet as fuck boat legs and making everyone totally jelz.

head hurts a little bit. boat is a-rocking out!
mumble jumble, "I know that i'm sad" I think it's ok to feel the way I feel. Generalities... Pain. Haven't felt that pain in my heart lately.
dilemma: dualities vs. more complex multi-faceted interpretations of reality.
------>mono-linear thinking


not sure where to begin

i'm back in berlin after a long epic voyage through time and space. i can't really think of anything profound and poetic to say as i've finally had two consecutive nights of proper sleep, but!!! i can quote some excerpts from my travel journal, which is really t cheesy that i've kept a travel journal but kind of awesome because i am gabo so it works out..""::

first of all...
ferry, to be exact.
The facts: sunny 18:34 hours, greek radio drifting around from the lady laying down next to me. We are heading south. Shit, I forgot my beer downstairs. euro techno? Swaying around. I have all these things going on in my head but when I sit down to write it always comes out so differently.

DOGS IN CAGES. old lady, talking to herself, with her dog. soccer game on the radio.

history is nuts, tourists are annoying (being one of them). the party scene in europe in general is really weird. last night we went to a club district called GIZA. It was fun. tried to get in to a gay bar but it was 9 euro so we were like fuck it.

the sun is setting. people are bitches everywhere. we got madcore bitched out by a lady on the tram in athens. after she bitched us out i said, ofaristo!! and she said ' paracallo!'. thank you and your welcome. sometimes i cry all over this big world. mutilated lips. octopods. cephalopods in general. p.s. we're getting kicked off the deck, I think, gotta run!


PP.S. 4th of July!
Independence, what does that mean?

火曜日, 7月 07, 2009


on a boat, in the motherfucking ocean, the sea to be precise, floating around.

i hiked the samarian (?) gorge today, saw some goats, jumped in the mediterranean, watched the sunset.

i want to live on a boat