土曜日, 7月 25, 2009

another thought:

grooving or grieving?

lots of ideas, and the putting of them into action is what is much needed. fluorescent neon levitating party boat, synthesizers, elevators,.. also had a vision of the stars and everything in communication with itself. simultaneity. also saw myself as a pirate on the seas while dreaming in the cave. the emotions involved were way more than i can put into words. bathed in white light, following the signs. drifted around the water, saw some rad multi-color fish in the rocks beneath the waves. the water was sooooo cold. then theosophilos asked about aliens. relately, or actually completely unrelatedly. i was dreaming and when i woke up my niece was saying she didn't want to have a bad dream. dream sequences, reality, what is that? good question. move on.. hot bitches getting my email. summary of istanbul later. might be decompressing things in a unconventional manner, but whatever!

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