金曜日, 7月 24, 2009

not sure where to begin

i'm back in berlin after a long epic voyage through time and space. i can't really think of anything profound and poetic to say as i've finally had two consecutive nights of proper sleep, but!!! i can quote some excerpts from my travel journal, which is really t cheesy that i've kept a travel journal but kind of awesome because i am gabo so it works out..""::

first of all...
ferry, to be exact.
The facts: sunny 18:34 hours, greek radio drifting around from the lady laying down next to me. We are heading south. Shit, I forgot my beer downstairs. euro techno? Swaying around. I have all these things going on in my head but when I sit down to write it always comes out so differently.

DOGS IN CAGES. old lady, talking to herself, with her dog. soccer game on the radio.

history is nuts, tourists are annoying (being one of them). the party scene in europe in general is really weird. last night we went to a club district called GIZA. It was fun. tried to get in to a gay bar but it was 9 euro so we were like fuck it.

the sun is setting. people are bitches everywhere. we got madcore bitched out by a lady on the tram in athens. after she bitched us out i said, ofaristo!! and she said ' paracallo!'. thank you and your welcome. sometimes i cry all over this big world. mutilated lips. octopods. cephalopods in general. p.s. we're getting kicked off the deck, I think, gotta run!


PP.S. 4th of July!
Independence, what does that mean?

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