金曜日, 7月 24, 2009

characters at the hostel

-drunk drunk drunk drunk australian perma-traveler wastoid, fucked up his foot riding a moped around crete, drinking up a storm
"what country am i in?"
"don't you just want to kick a girl right in the ass sometimes?"
other gems

abusive canadian boyfriend and girlfriend, both equally abusive towards each other, but i think they got off on it or something (hot)

awesome serbian youth hostel manager, called me michael jackson, best dude ever

buff as fuck super dykey cleaning lady, apparently ex pro handball player broke her wrist, sad times

-malaysian family that forced chocolate flakes into brads yoghurt

dionysus: creepy gypsy/brazilian/aidsy dude? would stand around awkwardly and then steal your cigarettes. pretty sure he got thrown out of the hostel for not paying for ten days, then he came back to they called the police and hauled him out of there. he had a strange look in his eye. the girls thought he was hot and/or completely fried on drugs. i caught him meditating one time. he was also a liar. also creeped everyone out except me maybe? maybe it's because i'm creepy? awkward? who knows. who cares. ::wavelengths

greek salad; tomato, cucumber, feta, olives, onion
chicken marinated in chamagne
grilled garlic eggplant
chicken sausages
raki (local alcohol)

adaptation, assimilation, ethnicity? maybe it's easier for me because i'm brown. being ambiguously ethnic is great.. but obviously messican flava' aint got no rival. BITCHEZZZZZZZZZZ

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