水曜日, 5月 25, 2011

This is now a food blog.

seaweed & potato ramen

1 packet of instant organic seaweed ramen, kyoto brand
1 tomato
1 piece of red onion
1 & 1/2 potatoes
1/2 piece of bell pepper, any color really
1 oonce of salt
2 oonces of pepper
1 oonce of garlic powder

dice potato and onion and boil about 3 cups of water. throw them in the water, cover and boil 20 minutes or until potatoes are soft. while this is cooking chop up tomato and bell pepper into small pieces. throw in ramen noodles and stir. combine the rest of ingredients to taste.

pictures coming soon!

木曜日, 5月 12, 2011

火曜日, 5月 10, 2011

post apocalyptic living

Your posting has been flagged for removal.

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Date:2011-05-05 12:39:07
Title:(rooms & shares) post apocalyptic living

Are you looking for a fun, dirty place to live? We wanted to write an honest ad because this house is not what most people seem to want out of a living situation, but we like it.

Fairly cheap rent in a big, poorly constructed house near Venice Beach.

20 total, pets and humans. We are all creative. We are trying to count how many unemployed people consistently live here. We are lucrative crafty people. Capitalism is our playground. Our backyard contains a gallery of wet broken furniture amidst tall grass and ivy. Also, a bird cage filled with empty cat food cans. * editor's note: that was thrown away.

Black mold loves us. At least 5 of us are sick 60-70% of the time unless we are vacationing in other parts of the west coast and/or florida. Detroit is looking good. We have smoked inside. Fleas took away our last roommate-it was a medical condition. We have fleabombed. Are you strong? At least we don't have scabies.

We all like each other and get along, we are not passive or weenies. Limp noodles need not apply.

The 10th member of our household is a pitbull/boxer mix named Bud Dee with very short legs and a giant head with puppy dog eyes. He likes to cuddle and occasionally gets the bummer breeze from El Segundo.

Have you ever felt the desire to superglue your change to the wall? Or experiment with latex paint and carpet? We have those options here.

Our neighbors may have assumed from the dead animal parts and candles in our front yard that we worship satan but we are just committed artists. If we lived in the 1800's people may have tried to set us on fire; we would have fought back. We love bikes and bike rides to the beach. Our front room is filled with bikes; the first wall you see has a mural welcoming you to earth, from a wolf and some chola bunnies. We like typewriters and VHS tapes, and our comfortable opium den-ish movie room. Our fence is being taken over by furniture pieces.

Lots of instruments to play, some of us play in bands. at one point we had a pair of drumsets for dualing. We like good music.

Food. We have an involuntary communal food situation; we are vultures but fortunately cook alot and no one is hungry. Food does not go bad here. We don't mind grease fires. Sometimes the sink breaks and we live off of dumpster banana bread and pile our dishes in the bathtub. Our microwave sits atop a pile of laundry.

Another key feature is a 400 year old guru that lives in our midst disguised as a young Thai fox. He is solid.

Our landlord has brain damage and can be malicious.

Sleeping schedules: alot of us wake up around noon or after. We are all generally awake around 3/4 am. At one point some of us were living 'normal' lives but we realized that we were not happy that way.

We have 8 rooms total, a few are big enough to share comfortably, 2 bathrooms downstairs and 2 upstairs in bedrooms. You can customize your walls and floor.

No creeps, weirdos okay.

Email for more information on what rooms are available and when you can come see them.


the present

水曜日, 5月 04, 2011

don't leave the house, only to gather supplies, and then when you save up a lot of supplise, supplise someone with them!