金曜日, 6月 08, 2012

st patricks day

keep every scrap of paper, you never know what you might need at any              given moment

the cursor place holder keeps skipping backwards against the forward flow of letters

the sophisticated ladies sit in circles and create, they create because we are barren and full of archetypes

laugh  around in circles, they search and wander, i write you into a backwardsly deterministic weaving spell

forever languishing in ..

chopped food,
little chocolate candies, concentrating on the sound, the carefully placed letters, one character at a time

woman, man, woman, woman, man woman
woman, woman, man, woman, woman, man

either direction you go, you end up at the center, the dark red light emanating from above

the hand that cant touch the surface

the pen that never leaves a mark, just slices and rearranges,

leaving a shadowy imprint where the darkness would have rested, sifted into the ground

not my baby, not my problem!