日曜日, 12月 18, 2011


ok, new plan..

  • get buff
  • talk to people
  • have fun


what else..

i'm still hungry and sleep deprived.

blogging feels good

"The black wind howls..."

I'm not bored anymore. I think I've made significant progress this year, more later as the situation unfolds.

月曜日, 12月 05, 2011

Are we done here?

I'm a total slacker. But, ..! I think it will work out. I hope. Why is everything so complicated?

日曜日, 10月 30, 2011

list of doing

To do:

  • utilize bullet points
  • invent new genre of "VIDEO GAME"
  • look at my hands
  • compose conceptual "art" music that will sonically embody and market the wild turkey brand of whiskey to adult consumers locally and worldwide
  • read more
  • go to sleep

月曜日, 9月 19, 2011

Numerological Discretion

le sigh, no blog posts lately, really busy. New York City is crazy!! They have scanners here in the library, I'm going to post all my pseudo-science fiction novel stuff soon.. as soon as I get the time! promise. xo