火曜日, 6月 30, 2009

Berlin, day.... 6?

I've given up trying to do a pseudo-ethnomusicological investigation of my experience at the sonar festival. I just got a text message! Berlin is great.. today my plan is to try to get my phone working and go see the Mitte neighborhood and check out the museum of technology (!!!!!). I'm pretty sure they're gonna have some sick as fuck fax machines. There's a place here that's just like a 90s reggae skater movie called yaams. Also, i keep pissing off bikers by walking in the bike lane.

Nevertheless, I uploaded videos from sonar, check them out bitches!

YOUNG FATHERS - breakdown: awesome 80s break-hop beastie boys-esque rhyme flows PLUS hella coordinated retro-fractive dance moves. does that make sense? who cares, go download their music on itunes or some shit

i'm pretty sure i took this during BREAKBOT who was playing some hella sick ass fuck jams, the likes of which were rare in the ravey davey techno atmosphere of sonar. taking video of people taking video!!!!! dancing!!! etc etc..

i completely forget who was djing at the moment but this was at the night part of the festival. it was three or five HUGE rooms of massive wicked rave madness. we saw grace jones, animal collective, the dude from lcd soundsystem dj, and god knows what else. it was fucking amazing. oh yeah some crystal castles up in that jam. from the jungle of jumble of life that was the 3 days and nights of sonar... all i got was this awesome video!!

What else.. oh yeah, babies.

we're living the dream, or the dream is living it out in us
either way, it's awesome

i dont know what else this is supposed to be about... but whatever!

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