木曜日, 6月 25, 2009

Sonar Day 1, version 2, the jukeboxxxxxx

Ummmm... so. I was feeling kind of weird at one point and decided to wander into the modern art museum that the sonar day part of the festival was held at. After wandering through some depressing rooms of exhibits about repression and war and stuff I found this awesome arcade room / 80s italo disco culture mash of radness. This is where I found this apparatus that i can only describe in adjectives and noun-like utterances: super 80s flamenco gypsy italo disco neon push button psychedelic raver jukebox. It played weird disco hits that were totally mediteranean influenced awesomeness. I think it's probably still there at the MACBA. If you're ever in Barcelona definitely check it out.. if it's still there.. which i don't see why it wouldn't be.. because its fucking awwwwesome!!!! Ok enough with the redundancy.

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