水曜日, 6月 24, 2009

last night in Barçeloña

I think i´m doing a pretty good job of opening up my mind up to as much as possible and take everything in. Decompression and regurgitation will have to wait till later. I´ve got so many awesome ideas! I can make music about it, write about it, draw about it..

(lets make it ѨÇ^*:_^*^%( A DANCE.

I´ve been wearing the same pants for about a week and they smello like hell-o.

Apparently gang colors (purple and yellow i believe.. sidenote: lakerssss) get you fucked with on the metro. Good thing Sara´s got some faux'real L.A. survival techniques. I´ve been hearing that there are alot of pickpockets and thieves (ladrones) around but then i was like, wait!, i´ve lived in fucking oakland. This is like party paradise island compared to that. (why you reppin oakland if you live in berkeley Son??)

However, on the non-cool side Jordan´s backpack got stolen last night as we sat on beach rocks watching the fireworks go off all over the beach for the San Juan summer solstice festival.. purging the bad spirits of the year past.... bummmmmerrrr. it was like fourth of july!

When i get to berlin i´m going to upload pictures and write about sonar, barcelona, etc. as i´ll have more time to do that then.

sidenote: Babies!!!! (they are running around in this pseudo arabic internet cafe.. they are called locutorios here.)) ummm... anyways.. grammmmar.. punkchuation... check? yo´self?

no checkkin, wreckkin it up!
i´m gonna slam dance mess you up!

I´ve got some rad theories on pseudo cultural ethnomusicological case studies.. academicism vs. REAL WORLD REALITY FACING TROOF (truth)

more traveling today.. but not before picnic in the park and conversations with jordan and sara about california party jams, essential nutrients, how we probably look like dirty weirdo hippies to the eurotrashia.. yet get asked directions as if we were locals-.. haha

wellllll, more later.

love peace and chicken grease,

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