木曜日, 9月 17, 2009

jeeze somebody slap this sappy shit out of me.

trying to impress the wrong people gets you into big trouble with little china

strange lights last night

what else... oh yes, i have a question

how would you like your beets question mark

i wish i had a phonetic keyboard

i'm on the outside lookin in
just an alien thru n' thru
trying to make believe i'm you

out of all the things in the world you could be, you decided to be an ocean creature slippin' and sliding through waves of time

is it incoherent or incomprehensible? expression is a strange creature as well.. can i call it that? perhaps it is a natural human tendency to name the nameless

full frequency potential, hmmmmmmm.... it's kind of like sending energy beams out into the night, electricity, square1, ah yes, and blueberry waffles. so the bomb diggety om dot com.

over and out

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