木曜日, 4月 08, 2010


sometimes the volatile bubbling effervescent rage boils up and spills out into reality gasping and flailing with daggers screeching pain and blood across the eyelids it searches for escape amongst the sanitized clinicals gumdrop drugged and medicated idiotic blandness that constitutes the moneyed mass ignorance and blindness.. well that one is a shocker.

please let it flow, we all got something going on that ain't just a feeling. maybe i'm going to spill my heart to a machine and the cold divide as the warmth on the other side seems to have fallen asleep. sometimes the feeling overwhelms the cerebral intake, blank, moneyed gasps and childish rebellion at the incoherence reflecting itself back at itself. perhaps the fragile grip on reality is the hand that shapes the universe, and the solidity is a mere illusion. the constant star in chaos spitting its own poison at it's feet running a million frequency frequenting the same old town, that same old feeling, sometimes the pain is never washed over enough. and maybe in my private inner darkness, if i rip it out and fling it out into the void, ripping incoherence into shreds of incocmprehension doubled, tripled, stacked exponentially building into biblical violence racked time against the brain, eyeballs exploding, unable to shape the world into coherence,

yeah you can build yourself a castle, but you yourself are a wisp of wind, small, immeasurable. fuuuuuunny how this might make sense, and you'll take this foment over it, puzzling, breaking your brains trying to find the code within a code, but there are millions of us and it is unstoppable, my fear is your fear and you are only fighting yourself.

then again i'm like, what did i ask for..............................

fast moving fast acting free flow of fluxus flying fear fractured seven more miles of death and destruction,

seven flames flickering

fuck your preprogrammed fevered decadence. up to the minute breaking news point incoherency.

ancient flame flying high in the dreamtime

why must it be so easy on me

you are a single atom a single mountain indivisble and infinite in angles, but leave me alone cracked and torn, the symbols are for everyone, i am creating nothing for which you to reflect back

then, FLASH
you are sitting in a theater of a play you wrote with clones of yourself playing all the parts

"chill out"

"i am chill bro"

"can you chill on some chili, i'm making chili, it's vegan"

"i hate vegans"

"i only trust vegan cannibals"

"i only cannibalize vegan potatoes"

"you can't even talk"

"you aren't even a real clone"

that was stupid you say to yourself and walk out from underneath the mangrove trees, surrealist bullshit, i am a dream of a bee stinging a bee man. yellow and black, the colors of the night. neon billboard satanic sex maniacs, the sinful debauchery of the spice orgy spilling out of windows made of glass, airplanes full of flames falling into endless cups of coffee and smoothies blended baby flesh screeching and wailing in birth going back into the vaginal vortex swirling dimensions screeching pain, piles of post pardom silica oozing lazer flips flupped up and into a giant cat eye howling incoherencies inflamed at moon dough water splashes

yes we are organized, the center is pure gold, and so is the infinitely small point in the distance, decompress a sihloouhette of a walled black door leading to millions of pathways, a hooker in the neon glow, me unconscious in your arms fighting, silence, in the black doorway, secret desires unleashed, fighting fire with incoherent streams of flame, this party is a snake show, i am only that which you are not, forever, the mystery, how well can you fake a megalomaniac that cares so much that it is impossible to love without dying inside a million times over.

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